Desktop-ComputerWhen it comes to computers the question is not if, but when, will the next crisis will occur. A recent 2013 survey revealed that 60% of computer users suffered some form of data loss due to hardware malfunction, malware attack or accidental deletion. As our world becomes increasingly more digital and interconnected, we must take to the necessary steps to safe guard our important documents & memories.

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What is a Desktop Computer?

A desktop computer is a Personal Computer (PC) designed for use at a single location, as opposed to a mobile laptop or tablet computer. Before the advent of the microchip & microprocessor, a computer that could fit on a desktop was considered to be small. Today’s Desktops come in a variety of shapes, sizes and upgrade capabilites. The desktop computer still comprises the largest sector of the computer market despite recently falling out of favor to laptop, tablets, smart phones.

Common Desktop Computer Problems

Computer Fails to load Windows – Displays Windows logo and then restarts never reaching the desktop
BSOD – The Dreaded Blue Screen of DeathComputer Freezes – The only thing you can do is to restart the machine
Very sloooow performance – You can definitely tell the system is not moving as fast as it once did
Strange & cryptic error messages – Does anyone really know what these things mean???
Unable to access the Internet – Your modem says it’s online other computers can connect but you can’t
Computer fails to power up – Press the power botton and nothing happens. Not even the slightest sound
Where are my files? – It was all there last night before you shut down, now it’s gone

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