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Slow Computer

Using your computer has become an exercise in futility. Everything from the startup to launching applications takes an extremely long time. The sluggishness is usually the result of a failing hard drive, severe malware infection, or a corruption operating system. Our advanced system recovery tools can get your system running right without the loss of your important data.

Lots of Pop Ups

Pop Ups can be very annoying. Especially when you are in the middle of an Important project. Pop Ups can be part of a much larger problem. Your system may be infected with malware or you may have a damaged operating system. Do not delay in fixing this problem. You may be exposing yourself potentially serious security breaches that could in identity theft.

Data Loss

Losing important files due to data loss can be a very stressful and emotional experience. When it comes to your data, it’s only a matter of time before it is lost. Hard drive failure, accidental deletion, or malware are all potential causes of data loss. Although data loss can’t be prevented, we can help you protect your data with our automated backup system.

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Having a malfunctioning computer can be very frustrating. We have become so dependent on them to perform many important tasks such as checking email, online banking, or running a business. We understand that computer problems don’t always occur during a 9 to 5 schedule, which is why we offer 24/7 same day computer repair services for Tampa, St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas.

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Our Services

Computer Repair

We can repair laptop and desktop computers. Computer repairs can be either hardware or software related. Here is a listing of some of the most common

Computer Security

We are always amazed by the number of computers we find with some kind of malware or adware infection. Most users are completely oblivious to the

Data Management

What happened to my data? It is one of the cruelest tricks played on us by our modern technology. The data stored on your computer’s hard drive can be


We offer a wide array of networking solutions. We can setup your home or office network. Troubleshoot networking issue like slow speed

Data Backup

When was the last time you backed up your computer? What would you do if you have a major computer crash? Most small businesses do not

Security Cameras

A good surveillance system allows you to monitor your home and business 24/7 from multiple devices (Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone).

Bob Ward
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Superb! Marc and Jay called in advance to let me know they were on their way. When they got to my home, they quickly confirmed that my computer hard drive had deteriorated badly, but they were able to quickly recover almost 30 GB of personal data files and copy them to my new computer. Then they went over an above by giving me some really valuable recommendations for the best ways to back up my data in the future. The price they charged was exactly what they quoted me and it was very fair.I would highly recommend Computer Doctors of Tampa Bay to anyone who has home computer/laptop issues
Doug Patterson
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Excellent service from friendly and knowledgeable people. I have been with Computer Repair Tampa Bay for almost 3 years and they have performed admirably on every occasion, checked regularly and advised me to clean my computer when I had not called them, and were able to resolve any issue! they are highly recommended!
Troy Fonder
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This is like the 4 or 5 time I have used them!!! I will keep calling them for their help, they are great. They also help my husband when he is in Wisconsin. Takes care of his problems without a hitch!! They trust me and we trust them. They are fantastic computer technicians to work with and all around people down to earth to talk to!!!! Their prices are great and not that expensive.
Deborah Baker
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Very smoothly and competently. I was scammed by someone claiming to be from Microsoft and let him into my computer. The Computer Guys were able to repair everything these scammers set up and bring my computer back to full operation. Thank you Mark and Jay. Nice guys, and they arrived with masks on which was very considerate. I highly recommend them.
Christina Rehm
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Computer Doctors were awesome! They were able to recover all my data from a computer that randomly stopped working and save all my work files! They also set up a file so when my computer comes back from the manufacturer, I can automatically have to set up with my existing files and settings. I would definitely recommend!
Savannah Cruz
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Marc was awesome! I frantically called because my laptop had a problem with a boot loop and I had to have it fixed for my work trip the next morning. Marc immediately said no problem and to come in. He had it fixed in just a few hours! Great customer service! Thank you so much!
Willard Thompson
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Computer Doctors of Tampa Bay have service my PCs five years. These guys exude professional excellence and technical knowledge. They take the time to explain so you will understand what and why an issue has occurred. Most impressive to me is the fact that they are expedient and arrive as they have scheduled with you. They work on your system as if it were their own and on every occasion I've always felt I have received more than I actually paid for. Just Outstanding Service! Much Thanks to Jay and Mark.
Terri Willman
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It went great!! With a limping hard drive, Mark and Jay were able to squeeze enough of my data out that I didn’t have to start from Zero... as I run my business through this computer, it was a life saver... thanks guys for the great work.... not to mention they were really nice guys!!! Thank you 👍🏻👍🏻
Terence Kenny
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It went real good. They came in and discovered the problem right away and gave me a plan on how to fix it. It required a new CPU liquid cooling fan. They ordered the correct part and came back the next day to install it and my computer is back up and running.
Manu Mahtani
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As usual, beyond my expectations. Have been using them for about 2 years and will continue to do so again and again and again........ I hesitated recommending them because I was thinking that if everybody hired them, they would put me on the sidelines. Having said that, I wish them the best of everything, even at the expense of (maybe) having to wait longer for their services